Astra 1st Program

Astra 1st is a commitment of Astra in developing talent at the university. As a concrete manifestation, Astra concerns in Indonesia's education sector ans Astra Roadmap stratgey, namely: Portfolio, People & Public Contribution. Then in every second semester in each year, Astra gives scholarships and mentoring program for 1 year in developing technical competencies and non-technical or soft competencies.


  • Undergraduate students on 3rd - 7th semester
  • Achieved minimum GPA of 3.00
  • Actively involved in organizational activities
  • Enrolled at the universities in Java area
  • Not currently receiving scholarships from others institutions/ companies

Advantage gained:

  • Comprehensive personality development program
  • Donation for study 5 million IDR/ semester
  • Learning opportunities in Astra Group
  • 5 million IDR for involvement in project


  • Login to
  • Sign up & create your profile
  • Search job openings and choose Astra 1st Development Program
  • Registration will be open at 11th March 2013 until 18th April 2013

For further information, download Astra 1st poster here.